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Beautiful, simple, fun and efficient.
Employees don't want to be overwhelmed with lists and complexity, they just want something simple and fast. Throw in some beauty and fun, and you've got true buy-in.
A quick overview...
✓ Onsite or Cloud-Based
✓ Top-Notch Service with 90% Client Retention
✓ Super-Top-Secret Awesome Search Feature *
✓ Relevance-Focused Landing Page
✓ Onscreen Content Editor (for non-technical people)
✓ Advanced Design Options (for technical people)
✓ Knowledge & Document Management
✓ Walls/Corkboards, Calendars, Employee Recogition... And More!
Our suite of products include...

✓ Design Options

Change the look and feel simply with the click of a button, use our Drag-and-Drop option, or - for the more technical - create a completely customized design.

✓ Advanced Search

This is not hype. We have the best search features on the market.

✓ Knowledge & Document Management

This is designed for policies, procedures, products & services, forms, manuals - anything critical to the organization. It includes an exhaustive audit trail, along with top-to-bottom versioning.

✓ Social Features

A healthy, balanced, in-moderation dose of social and community elements can do wonders for buy-in. Blogs, News Stories and Web Pages come with Facebook-like walls and likes. The Employee Recognition feature allows employees to publically recognize others for doing something good.

You can also incorporate feeds from other platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

✓ Acknowledgement Recorder

When a new policy version is released, record acknowledgements from employees.

Workflows/Help Desk

When most read "help desk", they're reminded of the IT department; but SimplifyIT's help desk is designed for any department in the organization that provides service for others.

HR can use the help desk to manage questions about benefits (along with the privacy feature). Facilities can use it to manage requests. Marketing can manage requests for collateral.

Rules can be established to route requests automatically (or manually, if preferred) based on positions, skill sets or pre-defined communication paths.

Using your own customized electronic forms, questions can be asked based on specified answers, and requests routed according to those responses.

Click here for more information about our help desk.

✓ Electronic Forms

Create custom forms and route submitted information through workflows.

Click here for more information about our customizable, dynamic, electronic forms.

✓ Intranet Suite

Directory (with Active Directory integration), Alerts/Announcements, Calendars, News, Blog Feature, External News (RSS), Polling Feature, Streaming Video, Web Pages

✓ More Companion Apps

Others include Opportunities/Job Listings, Training Management, Lobby Management, Vendor Management, Contact Management, Employee Recognition, Hardware Management, User Resource/System Management, In-Out Feature and more!