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Electronic Forms

An electronic form is designed to allow information to be submitted, routed anywhere through the bank, tracked, and extracts or reports can be generated. Customer signatures can also be captured when there's a need, and imaging is too cumbersome (a wire, for example).
  • Submit text or freeform, paragraph responses.
  • A form can prompt for dates, numbers, and other special data types.
  • Tasks can be created automatically, and assigned upon form submission.
  • Use an onscreen tool to create rules that determine more prompts or special actions.
  • Custom JavaScript rules can be added, too.
  • When a form is submitted, it's routed based on rules.
  • Detailed instructions can be provided onscreen to employee(s) completingfulfulling the submission.
  • Create recurring forms.
  • Exports can be generated for auditing purposes.
  • Forms can be shared with other SimplifyIT clients.
For the sake of simplicity, form submissions are combined with submissions in the help desk to provide a one-click stop for resolving and fulfilling requests.
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