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Bank Intranet

SimplifyIT was created by veterans of the banking and FI industry. We've had real-world experience in branches, IT, and electronic services - even a multi-regional bank that spans across several states.

Intranet for banks is our expertise.

Our experiences drive our understanding of procedures and processes, and the ways in which information is disseminated.

So in other words: we've had firsthand experience with terrible intranets to compare to the best one (SimplifyIT's!).

Bankers love our intranet because it's simple, elegant, efficient and fun (plus affordable!), and those are the keys for organizational buy-in. People would rather not be bombarded with a mess of complexity, they just want something fast and simple. And when you toss in some fun, there comes the buy-in.
We not only have working experience inside banks, but our FI clients have helped shape and build our intranet software with suggested enhancements.
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Procedures & Documents

Is your public drive perfectly-organized with precision, simple to navigate?
Nobody's is.
Instant - we're talking instant - access to the bank's procedures, forms and processes will translate to and improved customer experience.


Email has become noisy, no longer the most efficient was to disseminate information. Steer employees to a centralized portal where information is tailored to each individual (defined by bank departments, positions, or whatever makes sense for your culture).
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