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Electronic Forms

When information needs to be routed through the credit union and/or tracked - or reports or extracts are needed - a custom form is the way to go. And although it's not intended to replace imaging, member signatures can also be captured (for a wire, for instance).
  • Prompt for numbers, dates and other special responses.
  • Collect text/freeform responses.
  • Tasks can automatically be created and assigned when form is submitted.
  • Rules can be easily created with an onscreen tool to determine other prompts or special actions.
  • You can use your own custom JavaScript to create rules as well.
  • Form submissions are routed based on rules.
  • Detailed instructions can be provided onscreen to employee(s) completingfulfulling the submission.
  • Create recurring forms.
  • Exports can be generated for auditing purposes.
  • Forms can be shared with other SimplifyIT clients.
For the sake of simplicity, form submissions are combined with submissions in the help desk to provide a one-click stop for resolving and fulfilling requests.
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