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SimplifyIT Reviews
"Thanks a ton for your dedication to your product and to your clients. I will speak for all of us when I say your relationship is invaluable to us."
Tyler W, Core Systems Administrator
250M in Assets
"We've used SimplifyIT now since 2004, and we've never thought about switching to anything else. We've always been happy with their product and service. They have never let us down!"
Krystle B, IT Manager
309M in Assets
"The intent of our intranet was to enhance communications and collaboration among departments and increase overall employee satisfaction. The potential is there with SimplifyIT."
Kathleen H, Director of Training & Human Resources
208M in Assets
"Thanks as always for the awesome support!"
Michael S, VP of Information Technology
150M in Assets
"The content management system is very user-friendly and efficient. Now we can make the changes ourselves immediately."
Melissa E, Marketing Specialist
929M in Assets
"This team listens and responds, which is outstanding to say the least."
Mark R, IT Manager
929M in Assets
"Thanks for the hard work and continued adding of great features!"
Greg L, IT Director CSO
318M in Assets
"[COMPANY NAME] finds you to be a valuable business partner, who cares about his company's product, who is proactive to impact, proactive to code resolutions to issues, and has attention for detail."
Charles G, Technology Services Manager
1.5B in Assets
"We have been with SimplifyIT for a couple of years now. We have grown to love this tool more and more each passing week with all of the different things it can do. But what I like most about it... the support we get! When we run into something that works great but may be missing a component that would be helpful to us, they are always so quick to find a solution or add functionality to make it better for our needs! I have worked with a lot of different vendors over the years but none that are truly as helpful and willing to add features to make our jobs easier, literally within hours or days, like SimplifyIT! Thanks for your commitment to us and the countless times you have assisted in making this solution the best it can be for our credit union! I greatly appreciate it!"
Stephanie F, VP of Operations
550M in Assets
"The support is excellent."
Greg H, Director of Technology
430M in Assets
"I wanted to say thanks again for helping out late last night with the latest update and our intranet database problems. That quick of a response was above and beyond for sure, and it would have been a mess here this morning without your efforts."
Tim V, Network Administrator
431M in Assets
"The product is simple and easy and the service is awesome. As close to turn-key as any I've ever used."
Aaron S, IT Manager
370M in Assets
"Your service has been extraordinary."
Larry M, IT Professional
291M in Assets
"We use SimplifyIT and couldn't be happier. Awesome software, and the support is even better."
Greg G, Director of IT
249M in Assets
"You guys are worlds ahead of the competition in service for sure. I can attest to the fact that it's nice to work with a vendor that actually cares."
Bryan S, IT Manager
208M in Assets
"I had to use a competitor's product at my last job. It was really horrible. SimplifyIT's system is so, so much better."
Eric P, IT Professional
249M in Assets
"One of the most amazing things is how little time that needs to be dedicated to installation, implementation and staff training. I've never seen anything so simple on all levels."
Dylan W, IT Manager
239M in Assets
"I know I've said it before, but just given the level of support given and integration and consideration of new features (at no additional cost, I can add too) is worth its weight in gold (or annual fees, for that matter)."
Craig B, VP of Operations and Technology
$115M in Assets
"It's important for [COMPANY NAME] to maintain a strong credit union brand with our intranet. SimplifyIT helps create a strong brand connection for our employees as well as offer a simple, sleek design and easy to use system."
Katie G, Marketing Manager
49M in Assets
"Great turnaround time on that by the way. I was not expecting the fix to be ready that soon basically overnight."
Alan M, Manager Information Technology
200M in Assets
"Thanks Jason, with no doubt the best support from any software vendor."
Paul P, Manager Information Services Development
$1.2B in Assets
"The software from SimplifyIT is so easy to use."
Cyndi S, HR Administrator/Training
208M in Assets
"With all the request coming from our group, not to mention others, I don't know how you do it. I admire what you've done with SimplifyIT, it's the maintenance aspect that would drive me nuts. You must have a good team."
Zac C, Network Engineer
1.5B in Assets
"I just want to say how happy I am with this new software! Its so easy and I am finding many more things each day!!"
Kyle M, Information Technology Officer
100M in Assets
"The CEO wanted me to be sure and let you know that you guys are doing a great job. I think he's impressed. I doubt we've ever had a vendor (in any department) this responsive."
Travis K, VP Information Systems
147M in Assets
"It's rare in the IT world to see a demo of software - and then purchase that software - only to learn that it actually runs the way the demo promised it would. Not to mention, it's easily trainable for staff, and updates are a breeze!"
Jason P, IT Manager
178M in Assets
"I will say you are one of the top vendors when it comes to responsiveness and I truly appreciate that."
Lori P, IT Manager
189M in Assets
"I'm loving the software, but... the support you guys give is a good enough selling point in my opinion!"
Matt P, IT Manager
49M in Assets
"I can't tell you how much I appreciate all that you have done. I really do love the SimplifyIT software and all the amazing functionalities it has."
Heather R, Administrative and Training Coordinator
212M in Assets
"The SimplifyIT software is the best thing we've done in a long time."
Steve S, Vice President
989M in Assets
"What I like about the system is that it's so simple. It's really powerful, but it's just so simple to use."
Marc C, Facilities Manager
989M in Assets
"The Intranet has been easy to manage and user friendly for the staff. My favorite part is that the background can be unique by user, which make the service not only functional but fun."
Casidhe M, Marketing Director
218M in Assets
"My experience: Easily accessible, updates can be uploaded quickly and easy. Staff can access files by using keywords, not having to figure out what someone may have named a file."
Kathy C, Operations Officer
208M in Assets
"We appreciate how responsive you have been."
Steve M, Vice President eServices/eCommerce
$102M in Assets
"I really love how SimplifyIT really has made our company's intranet run 99.9% better. Plus, personally, I absolutely LOVE the Helpdesk. As a manager, this has made my life so much easier to know what is being requested from my facilities and administrative employees.

You truly are one of my favorite vendors to work with through the years."
Nancy K, Administration Manager
1.3B in Assets
"The support from SimplifyIT has been phenomenal. Jason and his crew are super responsive to change and enhancement recommendations. If there is any issue found, it is usually fixed well within 24 hours. If you want to see if a feature can be added, he will work with you to try to get it in the next major release after some exhaustive testing.

It is simple, straight-forward, manageable and cost-effective. Plus, I have never seen better support and service from ANYONE!"
Mike B, VP Information Technology
301M in Assets
"It is so easy to use. You will love it."
Selma R, Executive Assistant
208M in Assets
"How in the heck do you (or you guys) figure these things out so quick?? :-) No need to answer... just happy..."
Sue R, Principal Applications Engineer
1.5B in Assets
"I would kill to have you as the developer for all the other software we use!"
David S, IT Professional
431M in Assets