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Go Green
Yes, it's a buzzword. Everywhere you turn somebody somewhere is either talking about going green, or telling you how they can help you to go green.
Here at SimplifyIT, we go as green as possible. Most all of our communications are electronic in nature, and we print as little as possible. Most of our meetings are webinars, and tech support is usually provided in an over-the-web format.
But are you green enough? Because going green can not only help save resources - it's great PR for your organization.
Our software can help you get more green. Instead of that printed employee directory, staff can use the searchable one. And with regards to forms - no need to print up 200, stash them in your desk, then throw them away when they change; always use the knowledge base to get the latest.
One important thing to note: going green can save you green. A relatively small investment in our software can produce fantistic yields in both efficiency and "green-ness."
With SimplifyIT: it's really easy, going green.
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